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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 9, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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america." the moment of impact, u.s. media says this shows a missile hitting ukrainiapassenger plane, 176 killed, many canadian. >> the evidence indicates the plane was shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile. this may well have been unintentional. >> this comes as the u.s. congress debates a resolution to limit president trump's war power and tie his hands o iran. what does it mean to step back from life in the royal family? how harry and meghan'nupathe will likely be a complex -- new path would likely be a complex one. ♪ >> for those watching on pbs and
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around the globe, welcome to "world news america." the prime minister of says intelligence suggests an iranian missile brought down the plane outside tehran this week. everyone on brd was killed, including dozens of canadians. this happened after tehran launched missiles at a u.s. base in iraq in retaliation for the killing of geral soleimani. nick bryant has more. >> american media 80's images appear to show the momen ukrainn -- mediate 80's images appeared appear to show thnt mohe ukrainian airliner was hit. it tried to return to the airport. this video shows it as it went down. just before it crashed, the satellite detected the heat trails of two missiles, followed by an explosion.
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u.s.ia off said it was highly likely the plane with 176 on board was mistakenly shot down by iranian antiaircraft missiles. 63 canadians were among the dead. justin trudeau shared wi his people news he said would shock. >> we have intelligence from multiple sources, including our allies and own intelligence, the idence indicates the plane was shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile. this may well have been unintentional. >> it was just five hours after iran launched these missile strikes on u.s. forces in iraq at the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. iran's antiaircraft systems would probably have been active, anticipating american retaliatory strikes that never came. speaking before his canadian counterpart, president trump
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reve >> it is a tragic thing when i say that, it is a tragic thing. but somebody coul have made a mistake on the other side, made a mistake. it was flying, not our system, nothing to do with us, it was flying in a pretty rough neighborhood, and somebody could've made a mistake. >> there might be crucial evidence within this wreckage. the iranians have been bulldozing the crash sites and not sharing information from the black arts recorders. the head of civil aviation said reports of a missile strike illogical rumors. at this prayer vigil in canada, the faces of the dead, the anguish of the relatives who now mourn. >> i think everyone is heartbroken. everyone is trying to process it and believe it. >>
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answers.n ukraine want their loved ones, casualties of a conflict of which they were no part. officials in britain, canada, and in america tonight are saying this was a mistake, not a reason, for now at least, to escalate tensions with iran. >>or foron the investigation into this air disaster, i was joined by michael goldfarb, former chief of staff for the faa. we have multiple intelligence purces indicating tonight that thisne was shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile. ats your reaction? >> yesterday they thought there was a mechanical reason, whichun is highlkely for a plane this new, this modern, tphsuffer catast failure. it looks like from the radar data that perhaps
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unintentionally it is showing in fact that they were launched at the aircraft. it is a horrible tragedy, unintended consequences of this fog of war, and a real problem for civil aviation going forward in terms of how we will lead this investigation to the conclusions. >> the canadians are calling for a thorough and credible investigation, but can you have that whe the iranians will not hand over the black boxes? >> trust is key and centerpiece to aviationre. if ts a lack of trust, it makes the job very difficult for him. the u.s., the iranians are talking that the ukrainians will get the black box. the flight data recorder is key. it will tell if something .ternal hit that aircraft if it's damage, it probably
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needs to be looked at by authorities. the deis field needs to be examined to verify it will be a missile. i think there will not be cooperation in the fog -- cooperation in the fogtif war will ce. >> only hours after the iranians fired missiles into iraq, this happens. what is unfortunate are mysticommunications. an alert was issued to avoid the airspace. most carriers listen to the u.s. faa, but perhaps people wanted to get out of tehran and the flight was kept on. the flight should never have left and should have been avoided. >> for t the experience of the ftlaysian airceing shot down over their territory by a russian missile, this is incredible and fortate. >> the malaysian airline was not
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clear it was a missile. this is a terrible situation. i am worried that we nee to know what has haened here in order to go forward, and we will probably not get that soon. >> can and investigation to determine whethednthe iranians 't literately or accidentally -- deliberately or accidentally? >> perhaps they can. i don't know. the iranians are holding onto the theory that the captain turned the aircraft, showing they had control. that is not the case. catastrophic failure. plthe may have been falling. with the physical aspects, it looks like a missile brought these planes down. >> michael goldfarb, thank you
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for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> we heard about the canadians killed aboard the aircraft. for more, i spoke with someone in toronto. who are the families of those who died reacting to this intelligent suggesting their loved ones were shot down by an irania missile? >> many of them are still overcome with grief, so i spoke to a number of people who knew many of the victims, at vigil's attending vigil today. they say it doesn't matter because nothing will bring back they areed ones, and trying to support those in the community grieving and pay their respects to those lost. what they did say is they don't want to rush to any conclusions because they have seen the different statements coming from the differentouries,
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iran, ukraine, united states, and canada, and say this underscores the need for a credible investigation. >> what questions is justin trudeau facing about canadians and caught up in killed in this conflict between the u.s. and >> absolutely. numerous times during the press conferenceis the prime mr was asked whether the u.s. was partially responsible for this huge loss of canadian life, 100 38 people coming tooronto, many students -- 138 people comi to toronto, many students. many saidhe united states is our ally. what do you say to presidentut donald trump ahether he is partially to blame for the loss of canadian life? the prime ministers said it is too early to tell. he is callg for that vestigation.
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it put him in a difficult situation. is is one of the deadliest air accidents in recent history for canada. thankou. for more on the big picture o u.s.-iran relations in the wake of all this, i spoke with kaylee,. -- thomas. the news this plane was most likely shot down by an iranian surface-to-air missile, what does this do to tensions? >> it shows there are always ghintended consequences when tensions get this it is a tragic and deadly mistake. moving forward, it shows there needs to be strategic thinking, and hopefully restraint as the u.s. and iran move forward on this escalatory path. >> the canrian prime minis is facing tough questions about whether this is anco unintended equence of the u.s. decision to take out soleimani.
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are they going to be urging more restraint on the u.s.? >> think they will be pushing de-escalation as the top story ofhe day. we saw that in initial statements before the plane went down, and that will be the stor. moving forwa >> president trump has been speang to nato secretary jens stoltenberg, talking about nato moving into the middle east. how likely is that? >>mp tas been pushing the idea of burden sharing for a while. sit seems unlikely and sh this bigger picture where we keep getting sucked back into the middle east to deal with these crises as they arise. we don't have an approacthere. >> is there anything left to sanction? >> technically, sure, but those will be more bark than bite. we have squeezed iran tightly financially and that has done
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littleo deter their aggression in the region. more sanctions won't do that. >> wn w saw rockets fired inside the green zones, close enough to s off sirens at the u.s. embassy, does that show the irwildcardi militias, who lost one of their own alongside general soleimani? >> despite talks about those militias bng restrained and iran encouraging him to stand down to it shows the breadth of their pry network. we will not see the end of the after effects of the soleimani strike and likely more buckets will be fired. >> now that the fingers being pointed t on downing of this ukrainian plane, what does that do to e iranians? that is an embarrassing mistake they will never admit to. they were almost applauded for having restraint to the soleimani strike. it puts more pressure on him to
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show they can strike the u.s. where it hurts, and they will be trying to do so in the months and years to come. >> thank you. the u.s. house of representatives spent the day debating a measure aimed at dialing back president trump's wars powers. it trieso force president trump to seek congressional approval before taking further military action against iran, but it faces opposition from most republicans in the senate. ey have criticized the strike that killed iranian general soleimani without first consulting with congress. in other news from around the world, riot pold ice fitear gas france, the latest day of strikes and protests against plans to overhaul the pension system. the a unions angry at plans to standardize the system and rais thage that people receive a
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fullenon to 64. puerto rico are being told the rgest powerplant could be off-line for a year after it was damaged in tuesday's earthqua. power has been restored to half of the island, bringing back to the devastation caused by the hurricanes in 2017. you are watching "world news america." still to come on tonight's program, facing a new future, carlosohen talks to the bbc about his dramatic escape from japan and his new life in lebanon. ♪ >> the australian primeinter said his country as a long way from the end of the bushfire cris. 27 have died, fresh warnings in soutaustralia. he is our correspondent. >> in the fire-bleached bush along the coast, gary simpson's
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backyard has taken a beating. some of his tallest trees badly adcharred haveo be filled and -- felled and dragged a safe distance from his house. heas been cleaning up and preparing for more fires once the weather heats up again. hiwhen t happens, do you have second thoughts of living in a place like this surrounded by bush? >>, sometim but it is such a great place to live. you are self-sufficient. it's fine. fine. we won't be going anywhere. we will stay. >> this is what was happening here last weekend, the wd le forest aros house was ablaze >> at onege s good, but this wholerea is awash with flames. it is a scary feeling. yeah, it can be scary, most
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definitely. avwe been lucky. we saved the houses. people down the coast have been completely devastated. they have only the clothing they are in. that is a horrible feeling. >> it has been cooler this week, though the hazy skies and o the smellf smoke are still there. ♪ >> it has given gary and his neighbors a very welcome break, and they are not letting the thought of what might happen this weekend spoil their fun. ♪ ♪ >> lebanon has banned carless gown from leaving the country. the former nissan boss skipped bail and fled japan before his trial for an intra-misconduct.
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carlos cohen said he is prepared to facet justice come ab won't return to japan. -- justice, if necessary, but won't return to japan. ashe been talking to the bbc. >> even though the lebanese urt said he can't leave the country, carlos cohen has l t >> i'm free to see my family, live with my wife, all things for bid and when i was in japan. >> he hasst contly refused to talk about this escape from japan by private jet, hiding in a box for musil equipment. i gave it my best shot. >> it must've been a pretty unpleaernt ence, wasn't it? >> i don't know. you should ask someone else. have you een in a box? >> you have. >> that's what you think. >> come on. if you had been caugh
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in the box? >> this is your interpretatn. was willing to take the risk. >>ct he is still prely bitter about nissan, the company he rescued inhich he says conspired to have him arrested. i asked him about nissan's british operations. it is suggested that there was a geetener offered to nissan by the britishernment in order to persuade you to stay tre an not move out because of brexit, is that true? >> i don't think there was a on thec amount of mon tabl >> the british government said we will make it ok? >> sure. >> that is a sweetener, isn't it? >> yet, but that is a promise. >> how precarious is the future of the plant as britain gets closer to brexit? >>f nissan loses competitiveness in europe, the
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future of the plant big. >> carlos cohen won't retire. do,oes not yet know what to but whatever it is, he won't be able to leave lebanon. are you a happy man? >> i am not sure i am a happy man, but i' year ago. than when >> carlo cohen there on his great escape. now to the shock announcement by prince harry and meghan markle they are stepping back from their roles as senior were roy's, creating waves it -- royals, creating waves in britain. therens are quest about how this work. buckingham palace is working with a couple. the tabloid newspapers have predictably cold the decision a mnegexit.
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>> so now what to do? last night they stunned the roya family issuing their own statement saying they wanted to step back call a progressive, new role, whichould involve him becoming financially independent and dividing their time between brit senior royals from the queen down are said to be disappointed in her, for that,, shockednd exasperated. yet those feelings have moved on to ass willingo see whether a new arrangement can be worked out. the queen, prince of wales, senior staff directed staff to work with the sussex household to find a solution acceptable to all sides. the issues are complex. it won't be easy. >> i think it will be harno if impossible, to find a future modus operandi, which involves
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being royal and not ral at the same time. i understand why they want to do it, but history has shown us that royal duty is not really open to compromise. either you a part of the royal working machine or you are not. there is no halfway house. >> these other questions that must be decided. e.their ti a hard-line approach would beo t remove it on the basis you cannot be half in and half out of the royal family. there is no appetite to do this. harry remai sixth in line to the throne. second, their accommodation. there is no suggestion they would need to leave their home. it is owned by the crown estate. it underwe a costly renovation for their use. third, security. at the moment, the british taxpayer pays the costs of real security. the men here are all itan police officers.
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would the taxpayeex be cted to pay for the security of a semi-detached royal couple? that is another issue to work out. the most complex issue, finance. the sussexes are largely financed by the prince of wales. to become financially independent but they would surely need to engage in commercial activities of some kind. at is the path fraught with difficulties for the royal iemily. earothers tried it and it posed a reputational issues for the royal family. the palace will resist any petition. yet there is support for a couple who clearly have been struggling in recent months. julie montague is an american who married into the aristocracy. she feel sympathy for meghan markle. >> she said she tried to adapt to this british stiff upper lip, and she tried, and it didn't
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rk. of course it won't work. we are american. up in a world where you can be anything you want toand do anything you want to do from day one. >> inng nottim, there was a mixed response to their withdrawal. >> she is mixed race, which is somethingou don't see a lot in the royal family. that alone reaches out to the general public, because there are a lot of muloncultural relaips. >> he is a prince at the end of the day and has to do his duty, so i don't know. harry can do at. >> the sussexesave made their wishes known, albia in an imprecise fashion -- albeit more is expected in days.
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it is the question ofncheir fithat will be the most difficult issue to resolve, up set of protocols that will ensure they are not accused -- a set of protocols that will ensure they are not accused of trading on their status. what they want to avoid is to see the sussexes headed across the atlantic into the world of the rich and ucrupulous. the daily mail is reporting that meghan markle has already returned to canada. >> that is nicholas witchell reporting on how difficult it will be for harry and meghan markle to realize their ambitions to be satellite members of the royal family. you can findore on that story and all the days news at our website, check us out. thank you for narrator: funding for this presentation is babbel, an online program designed by language specialists
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b captioning sponsored newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight: the u.s. now believes an iranian missile brought down a ukraine-bound passenger jet, killing all on board. then, balance of power. as the u.s. and iran de-escalate tensions, house democrats move to restrict the president's ability to call military strikes. and, rollback. the white house plans to abandon a major envirol protection policy. and, recipe for success. how las vegas's culinary workers union is serving as a model for organized labor across the country. >> people are tired of the income inequality. they're tired of wage stagnation.


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